Heartwarming Wedding Proposal Captures Attention of Netizens

Video of Heartwarming Wedding Proposal Goes Viral Online

A heartwarming wedding proposal captured the attention of the netizens after the woman’s family brought the engagement ring.

The hearts of many were deeply touched by the extraordinary wedding proposal shared by Ian Lee and Hannah Revidad, a loving couple whose story has captured the attention of netizens.

In the proposal video, it can be seen that Ian momentarily forgets the ring intended for Hannah. However, to her surprise, Hannah’s parents arrive, and it is her father who presents the engagement ring.

Heartwarming Wedding Proposal

Originally, the plan was for Hannah to surprise Ian with a birthday party alongside their friends since it was his birthday the following day. Little did she know that their friends had been in cahoots with Ian for quite some time, planning a proposal for that very same night.

Unknown to Hannah, she would be the one caught off guard during the surprise birthday celebration she had organized for Ian. Living independently, Hannah’s parents reside in their hometown, so she did not expect their presence, let alone her father being the one to hand her the ring.

“Originally, the plan is may surprise birthday party ako for him with our friends kasi birthday niya the following day. I didn’t know na matagal na nyang kausap friends ko na magpopropose sya that same night. I had no idea na ako pala masusurprise sa pa-surprise birthday party ko for him. I live independently so yung parents ko nasa hometown namin. Kaya I didn’t expect they will be there and yung dad ko pa yung magaabot ng ring,” Hannah said.

Hannah recalls her overwhelming emotions upon seeing her parents. She was completely astonished because she believed they were still in the province. While she had hoped her parents would be present when Ian proposed, she had no control over his plans.

Her parents expressed their gratitude to Ian, recognizing the depth of his love for Hannah. The video and Ian’s gesture showcased not only his love for Hannah but also his deep respect for her parents. It was evident why her parents held Ian in such high regard.

“Gulat na gulat ako kasi ang alam ko talaga nasa province sila. I wanted them to be there if magpo-propose sakin si Ian pero I had no control sa plans niya. I remember my parents telling me how grateful they are kay Ian kasi it shows how much he loves me. And it shows also sa video and sa gesture niya how much he respects my parents kaya no wonder yung parents ko sobrang mahal din sya,” she added.

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