Young Boy Taking Nap While Selling Puffed Rice Touches Hearts of Netizens

Young Boy Who Falls Asleep While Selling Puffed Rice Goes Viral Online

A young boy who was taking a nap while selling puffed rice in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental touched the hearts of the netizens.

In the small town of Hinigaran, a heartwarming encounter between a former journalist, George Dela Cruz, and a young boy unfolded, leaving a lasting impression on both of their lives. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

As Dela Cruz passed by, he noticed the boy peacefully sleeping, unaware of his surroundings. Touched by the sight, George decided to approach him and gently woke him up.

Young Boy

Realizing that the boy might be hungry, George offered him some money, urging him to buy a meal for himself. However, the boy hesitated, seemingly shy and hesitant to accept the generous gesture.

Nevertheless, George insisted, on understanding the importance of providing for someone in need.

Grateful for the act of kindness, the young boy, with sincerity in his voice, expressed his gratitude and offered something in return, a handful of popped rice. This humble offering demonstrated the boy’s determination to make a living by selling his wares.

Young Boy

The boy explained that he was not a beggar but an industrious young entrepreneur, selling popped rice as a means to support himself. Despite his challenging circumstances, he embraced the value of hard work, refusing to rely solely on charity.

This heartwarming story resonates beyond the immediate act of generosity. It speaks to the resilience and tenacity often found in individuals facing challenges. It reminds us that a small act of kindness can create a significant impact.

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