Ara Mina Appeals to Sister Cristine Reyes: “Magpakita ka naman samin”

Ara Mina Appeals to Sister Cristine Reyes to Come Home

Veteran actress Ara Mina appealed to her sister actress Cristine Reyes to come home after months of not seeing each other.

In an interview with PEP, Ara appears to be pleading with her younger brother to make time for her family. Ara revealed that she and Cristine’s nickname, AA, had not seen each other in seven months.

“Busy rin kasi ako sa work pero December last year pa noong huli kaming nagkita,” Ara informed.

Ara Mina Cristine Reyes

Ara believes her sister is “missing in action” due to her newfound love, with whom the actress is apparently in love, Marco Gumabao. That’s how Crisrine when bitten by a love bug.

Ara feels comforted by the fact that Cristine is content with her current beau, Marco. She added that Ara hasn’t seen those grins on her sister’s face in a long time.

“I can see her smile, very happy siya and she deserves it. Sister ko yun, kumbaga sana ingatan, ingatan ni Marco,” she said.

“Ang gusto ko lang mangyari, alagaan ni Marco ang kapatid ko lalo’t hindi biro ang past na pinagdaanan niya,” the very concerned sister added, based on the article.

Despite the fact that Cristine is undeniably in love, Ara calls out to her. The seasoned actress pleaded with her sister to attend their family gathering. Even she stated it didn’t matter because she was too preoccupied with other things.

“Dumaan ang Father’s Day, dumaan ang birthday ko, ni hindi man lang siya nagpakita sa family niya kaya sana naman, kumustahin niya si daddy, si mommy,” she said.

In the meantime, Marco has introduced Cristine to his family. But Cristine has barely introduced Marco to her family, despite the fact that, according to Ara, her family is eager to meet the actor up close and personal.

“Di pa naipapakilala ni Cristine sa family, sa ibang mga kapatid namin. The last time I was with her nung Christmas pa. Kalahating taon na, ganun ka-busy ako, ganun din siya ka-busy,” she shared.

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