Tongits Go — Is this Game that Converts “Go Stars” Prepaid Load Legit?

Details about the Tongits Go Card Game App

TONGITS GO – Are you wondering if this game where players can convert their Go Stars to prepaid load is legit?

Nowadays, there are countless online game applications that you can download for free. Some of the game apps feature adventure games, card games, sports, role-playing games, educational games, and action games.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular card game apps is Tongits Go. It has been promoted by several Filipino vloggers and many individuals were also hooked by the online game. Amid its popularity, there are questions if this game that converts its Go Stars to prepaid load is really legit?

Tongits Go
Photo Credit: Tongits Go

Tongits Go is a legit game although it may not be as easy as 1,2, 3 to win a challenge. This game app can be downloaded through Google PlayStore for free.

To join the game, you have to use your Google Account. There are several card games that you can play in this app including the popular Pinoy card game Tongits. You can also choose the level of difficulty of the games that you want to play but your existing Go Stars or Diamonds and Golds are among the factors that will be considered

If you have just joined the Tongits Go, you will only be allowed to play the beginner and the amateur levels. With regards to claims that the Go Stars can be converted to money, a live chat in the app said that it is no longer connected with GCash. The following are the rewards available:

  • Prepaid Load
  • Sodexo Pass
  • Gift Rewards
  • Free Super Rewards

The reward that you may claim will depend on your Go Stars in your account. Apo and Laro Reviews are two (2) of those who also reviewed the game and stated that it is a legit online game app.

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