5 Underrated Philippine Vacation Spots To Visit

5 Underrated Philippine Destinations For A Summer Trip

PHILIPPINE VACATION SPOTS – You must include these 5 underrated summer destinations in the Philippines on your bucket list.

The 7,640 islands that make up the Philippines remain undiscovered and underappreciated for their pristine beauty and grandiose international standards. The most popular beaches in the Philippines are crowded with both foreign visitors and local wanderers.

We can therefore appreciate your need for some peaceful alone as you unwind, acquire a tan, and uncover the most exquisite secrets that this country has to offer. This article reveals some local hidden jewels that shine all summer long for your much-needed vacation, whether you’re simply dropping over for a quick visit to the city or looking for adventure in exotic islands.


1. Kalanggaman Island


You can visit Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte with just a short boat ride from a number of ports if you’re staying in Cebu or Tacloban. In contrast to its well-known competitors, which boast beautiful palm trees, fine beaches, and the purest waters, this island has just one sari-sari (general retail) store where you may buy some needs. The island is uninhabited and enables beach camping as well as some water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Local tours are offered upon request and only allow about 500 guests daily.

2. Canigao Island


This island is frequently visited by people in Matalom, Leyte, and for good causes. This underdeveloped island touts its pristine seas, where marine life is still thriving and is surrounded by the finest white powder sand. When snorkeling, you can see sharks, fish, and vibrant coral reefs as well as some wild monkeys on land. Canigao Island is a truly local destination to explore in the Philippines, equipped with an island market (where you can try exotic fresh seafood dishes), and cottages where you can rest, and all of this is just a short boat ride west of Matalom. Don’t go there expecting 5-star resorts or full-service buffets.

3. Sagada, Mountain Province


Visiting the Cordillera Mountain Province is a fantastic way to (kind of) escape the heat and the crowds of beachgoers. The province of Sagada is a fantastic area to begin seeing the many attractions of the Philippines (because we’re not just known for our beaches!). This region of Northern Luzon is rich in the country’s rich cultural history, from the renowned Sugong Hanging Coffins to the Sumaguing Caves. Our top recommendation, though, is to go to Blue Soil, also known as Kaman Utek, where you may enjoy the 1,000-year-old blue limestone grounds that are blue because of the presence of copper sulfate.

4. Samal Island


Samal Island, the largest resort city in the country, is home to the renowned Pearl Farm Resort, but it offers more than just opulent lodging. On an island noted for its beaches lies a waterfall called Hagimit Falls. Wade in the shallow water without hesitation and marvel at the magnificent natural backdrop. The fruit-eating bats can be seen in the Monfront Bat Sanctuary while they are sleeping during the day. Additionally, you have the option to go scuba diving near a number of local dive sites where World War II ships sank and made way for curving reefs teeming with marine life.

5. Batanes, Cagayan Valley


Another place to escape the city’s heat is the archipelagic province of Batanes, which is also referred to as the “Home of the Winds” and is located at the northernmost tip of the Philippine archipelago. This region will show you why the Philippines is among the most stunning nations on earth and why it is deserving of praise for reasons other than its beaches. Racuh-a-Payaman, also known as Marlboro Country, is the place to go if you want mind-blowing, earth-shattering, only-man-in-the-world sights. Additionally, there are numerous lighthouses that resemble Wes Anderson’s films and an endless number of undulating hills that stretch into the distance. You won’t ever grow weary of the vistas, and you’ll never be able to appreciate this province’s fortunate beauty enough.

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