Female Lawyer to Her Uncle Asking for Discount: “You Deserve a Lifetime of Free Legal Services”

Female Lawyer Offer Free Legal Service to Her Uncle Asking for Discount

A female lawyer goes viral and touched the hearts of the netizens after sharing her conversation with her uncle.

A heartwarming story shared by netizen Hershey on social media has captured the attention of many. The story revolves around an email screenshot from Hershey’s uncle, seeking legal advice from her.

The email request highlights the genuine trust and reliance placed upon her legal expertise.


“Basically he (Tito) just asked me to review a contract before signing it. He asked me to check if the provisions were legally sound. Then I just highlighted some portions that are quite ambiguous and require further interpretation,” Hershey explained.

During a family gathering last weekend, celebrating her aunt’s birthday, Hershey’s cousin approached her for a quick legal consultation. When her aunt asked how much the consultation fee would be, Hershey replied, ‘libre na po sa kamag-anak. If basic questions lang naman po.’

However, her aunt insisted on payment, saying, ‘dapat meron pa rin. Wala na libre these days.’ So when he sent me an email, I was quite surprised that he’s asking for a discount kasi nga I already told the family that I won’t charge for basic legal consultations,”


Hershey told them not to insist on paying legal fees because it’s nothing compared to what they provided for me when I was still studying. Her gratitude toward her family’s support during her educational journey led her to offer her legal expertise without expecting anything in return.

“Tito, You Deserve a Lifetime of Free Legal Services,” she wrote.

Hershey’s story serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of family bonds and the immeasurable impact they can have on one’s life. It also emphasizes the value of generosity and reciprocity, as well as the power of using one’s skills and knowledge to help loved ones without expecting financial gain.

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