Rendon Labador to Awra Briguela Arrest: “Dapat mabulok yan”

Rendon Labador Says Awra Briguela Should Rot in Jail after Being Arrested

Motivational speaker Rendon Labador shares reactions to the arrest of Kapamilya actor Awra Briguela over the commotion in a bar in Makati.

Rendon told Abante Tonite journalist Rona Avecilla that Awra Briguela’s imprisonment was justified. Rendon believes Awra should be held accountable for his actions and should rot in jail.

“Yung mga kabataan na ‘yan, mga entitled na tao, dapat mapanagutan ninyo ‘yung mga ginagawa ninyong kalokohan. Kaya kung ako ang masusunod, dapat mabulok ‘yang mga ‘yan (sila Awra) para matuto,” Rendon said.

Rendon Labador Awra Briguela

Rendon also addressed individuals backing Awra, saying that they should let the police and courts handle the situation. He stated that the best thing to do is to educate young people’s brains because they are low-class, useless, and ignorant.

“Ang mahirap sa mga Pilipino, ang gagaling eh, ang tatalino niyo eh, masyado kayong maraming reaksyon sa nangyayari,” Rendon stressed.

“Hindi niyo tinitingnan kung ano ba talaga ang dapat gawin dito. Ang tamang gawin dito itama ang utak ng mga kabataan, kasi ‘yung mga ganyang sitwasyon, pang-low class saka mga walang kwentang tao, walang pinag-aralan,” he added in the interview.

Awra was apprehended by Makati police during the rampage that occurred outside the bar in Poblacion, Makati. The 19-year-old actor was charged with physical injuries, causing panic and scandal, disobeying authority, and direct assault.  

On Friday morning, he was indicted at the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office. The comedian may be released on bond next week, according to the Southern Police District, because the court has not yet raffled his case. However, Awra was released from jail on Saturday after securing P6,000 bail.

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