Xian Gaza on Netizens Urging to Free Awra Briguela: “Di porke trending maari na palayain”

Xian Gaza Reacts to Netizens Calling to Free Awra Briguela After Nabbed Over Brawl

Social media personality and businessman Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza reacts to netizens who are calling to free actor Awra Briguela following his arrest.

Following news of the former child star’s detention following a brawl at a Makati City pub, he garnered support from various personalities with millions of internet followers. Many individuals said that the brawl began when Awra fought back against those who sought to discredit one of his female acquaintances.

Xian Gaza Free Awra

The controversial businessman instantly expressed his support on social media. He even informed Awra that he would hire a lawyer for him right away. Xian, on the other hand, stated that, despite the fact that the issue is trending, netizens should not press the authorities to release Awra.

“Inaresto at ikinulong si Awra because that’s how the system works at wala kayong magagawa doon. Na-caught in the act siya sa kaguluhan eh. Nasa tamang due process ang mga pulis na damputin siya,” Xian said.

“Justice for Awra? Guys, the justice system is working properly on him. Sadyang nagkamali lang siya at nabutasan ng batas. Hindi porke trending sa social media eh maaari na siyang palayain. Kahit gaano pa kalinis ang intensyon niya para sa kanyang mga kaibigan,” he added.

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1 thought on “Xian Gaza on Netizens Urging to Free Awra Briguela: “Di porke trending maari na palayain””

  1. Personally, its PART of how system works. But i dont think unnecessary use of force against him is part of the system. The poor conclusion drawn by the chief police in their area clearly shows his bias against lgbt. They were drawn solely based on statements and a barely started investigation.

    yeah, do not free him yet, but i hope sense comes to McNeal’s side and they speak up and counter. It was a rumble, not a beatdown, so both parties should be jailed, not just Awra and whoever was with him.

    besides, wala n magagawa tao sa “free awra” nila, thats their bias as fans, but they have no hand sa investigation. thats harmless, ang dapat punahin ay yung bias nung chief of pulis because of awra’s gender preference.


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