Christine Dacera Name Trending after Valentine’s Comment to Awra

Christine Dacera Name Trending Online Following Comment of Valentine Rosales to Awra Briguela

The name of late flight attendant Christine Dacera is trending online following the comment of her friend Valentine Rosales to Awra Briguela.

In a previous article, social media personality Valentine Rosales made comment to an allegation that the former child star was involved in a scuffle outside a bar in Poblacion, Makati. It can be seen from the social media personality’s reply that he appears to criticize Awra’s attitude on social media.

“Ayan masyadong kasing matapang at nagmamalinis sa socmed pero makalat sa totoong buhay,” he wrote.

“Kaya mas ok yung madami galit sayo sa socmed pero pag nakita ka sa personal sasabihin ang baet mo pala,” he added.

His comment, however, sparked condemnation from the online community. Netizens have condemned his “insensitive” remark to Awra, claiming that he was unaware of the full reason that prompted the brawl.

Meanwhile, Valentine apologized publicly after receiving criticism. The polarizing figure apologized to Awra and the online community for his disrespectful remark, which he had already erased.

 “Awra Briguela I’m sorry for my insensitive comment T deleted it na, I should’ve not made any comments dahil wala naman akong alam sa nangyari super sorry talaga! You’re really a true friend and I hope everything turns out fine,” he wrote in his post.

Christine Dacera Name Trending

Meanwhile, Valentine’s late buddy, Christine Dacera, resurfaced and trended on social media. The name Dacera can be seen in the “Trending” section of the social media app Twitter.

Her name became popular online after Valentine’s comments, who was with her when he died at the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Netizens urged Valentine to remember what happened to Dacera in relation to the issue of Awra shielding his female companions from harassers.

Christine Dacera was a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines Express who died in the early hours of January 1, 2021. Dacera was discovered unconscious in a bathtub inside the hotel where she and his friends, including Valentine, were staying.

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