Young Boy Playing Silent Lato Lato Toy Goes Viral Online

“SILENT LATO-LATO”: Young Boy Playing Unique Version of Viral Traditional Toy Goes Viral

A young boy playing a unique version of a viral traditional toy goes viral online and earns reactions from the netizens.

A video shared by netizen Rocky Fellah on social media has garnered widespread attention and amusement. The video showcases Rocky’s nephew playing a silent version of the popular Filipino game called lato-lato.

In the video, the young child approaches his nephew named Rocky and confidently claims to have some tricks up his sleeve. To Rocky’s surprise, the child proceeds to play lato-lato without making any sound.


Rocky shared his experience, saying, “Bale po ‘yung bata po kasi lumapit sa akin tapos sabi nya may tricks daw siya tapos nung ginawa niya nagulat ako walang tunog.”

The unique rendition of lato-lato has captured the hearts of netizens, who found the child’s silent approach both impressive and entertaining. The video has gained significant traction, accumulating numerous views and positive feedback.

Rocky further explained that the child’s parents were ecstatic upon witnessing the enthusiastic response from netizens. “Proud na proud nga po sa kanya ‘yung parents,” Rocky shared with enthusiasm.

The video serves as a delightful reminder of the joy and creativity that can be found in simple childhood games. It showcases the child’s innovative twist on lato-lato, which adds an unexpected element of surprise and amusement.

The popularity of this particular video highlights the power of social media in connecting people, spreading positivity, and celebrating unique moments of creativity and talent.

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Silent LatoLato

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