Sentimental Mom Preserves Memories Through Baby Clothes Quilt

Sentimental Mom Shares Baby Clothes Quilt as She Wants to Preserve Children’s Memories

SENTIMENTAL MOM – A sentimental mom preserved the memories of her children’s early years through baby clothes quilt.

Netizens were amazed by the photo shared by Cherry Manieda Amado-Vicencio, featuring a baby clothes quilt she had commissioned. According to her, she wanted to preserve the memories of her children’s early years.

“Gusto kong i-preserve ung memories ng pagiging babies ng mga anak ko na pwde din nilang ma-appreciate pag laki nila. 7 and 4 ang edad ng 2 sons ko so hindi pa nila masyado ma-appreciate, and I also wanna add na yung mga damit na ginamit ko eh talaga namang napakinabangan ng dalawang kiddos ko. Nasulit na nila so hindi na siya nakakahinayang na gawing quilt,” Cherry explained.

Sentimental Mom

Vicencio shared her story for all the mommies out there who wish to treasure their children’s clothing. She wanted to share the idea with sentimental moms who want to preserve their child’s belongings but may not know how.

The concept of creating a quilt from baby clothes is a sentimental and creative way to immortalize the memories associated with those tiny garments. Each piece of fabric holds a special meaning, reminding parents of the milestones, growth, and precious moments of their children’s early years.

As children outgrow their clothes, these cherished items are often stored away or given away, making it difficult to relive the memories they hold. By repurposing them into a quilt, parents can transform these items into a functional and sentimental keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

Sentimental Mom

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Ung pinakatatago mo ung ilan sa mga old clothes ng mga anak mo kc gusto mong ma-preserve ung memories nung mga panahon na babies pa sila

Baby Clothes Quilt pra sa mga senti na nanay

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