PNPA Cadet Expelled for Stealing Classmates’ Allowances

PNPA Expels Cadet Found Guilty of Stealing Classmates’ Allowances

A cadet of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) for allegedly stealing the allowances of his classmates.

A PNPA cadet was expelled after being found guilty of theft, a violation of the academy’s Honor Code. According to the article, the cadet reportedly stole his classmates’ allowances.

PNPA Cadet Stealing

According to Police Major General Eric Noble, Director of the PNPA, the cadet in question is a 2nd class cadet who was reprimanded by the Honor Committee for breaking the Honor Code. Noble stated that he was allowed by his classmates to withdraw the allowance for and on their behalf.

Unfortunately, he withdrew more than what they asked him to, based on the report. He was convicted by the Honor Committee, which served as a basis for his notice of dismissal from the cadetship, Noble added.

The police official also said the incident underwent a “swift, fair yet extensive” investigation. The said incident shows that the PNPA is serious about valuing the Honor code that serves as the “foundation” of future officers and leaders of the National Police.

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