9 Snakes Found on the House’s Ceiling in Zamboanga Sibugay

Family Discovers 9 Snakes Living on Their Ceiling

A family in Buayan, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay discovered that there were nine snakes residing on the ceiling of their house.

According to Rissa Ejedio, the mother of two children, she made this alarming discovery in her children’s room last Monday.

Rissa shared the fear and concern she felt upon finding the snakes in her children’s room while she was cooking in the kitchen. Her eldest child called her for assistance in retrieving a “toy” from the ceiling.


However, Ejedio was shocked and almost fainted when she saw snakes instead of a toy. Rissa immediately took her children out of the room and sought help from her neighbors. She was immensely grateful that her children were unharmed.

In her prayers, she expressed her gratitude to the Lord for not allowing any harm to come to her precious children. Her gratitude knew no bounds.

“Lord salamat nga wala jud nimo getugot nga ma disgracya akong duha ka bata sila lang raba duha sa kwarto josko pagka daghana nila oiii kanang nag hugas kag plato unya ning kalit rag engon emohang anak nga mang naay dulaan sa atop kuhaa vahh pag lantaw nko jusko lord mga langit,” Ejedio said.


This incident has caused significant shock and concern not only for Rissa’s family but also for their community. Having snakes inside a house is an uncommon occurrence and can pose a risk to people’s safety.

Amidst this incident, it is crucial to recognize the importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment around our homes. The presence of snakes in urban areas can be attributed to various factors such as the loss of their natural habitats or the presence of openings or damages in infrastructures that allow them to enter homes.


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