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MARELCO Meter Reader Encounters 2 Huge Snakes During Work

MARELCO Meter Reader Encounters 2 Huge Snakes During Work

MARELCO Meter Reader Found 2 Huge Snakes On His Way to Work

MARELCO meter reader shares video of his encounter with two huge snakes on his way to work at Brgy. Maybo, Boac in Marinduque.

Snakes are also known for their impressive hunting abilities. Depending on the species, they may use venom to subdue their prey or constrict them to death. Some snakes, such as cobras and rattlesnakes, are capable of delivering deadly venom with a single bite.

Others, like pythons and boas, rely on their strength and ability to wrap around their prey to suffocate them. Despite their fearsome reputation, many snakes are harmless to humans and are important members of their ecosystems.

MARELCO Meter Reader

They play important roles in controlling rodent populations and are also prey for larger animals like birds of prey and large mammals.

While traversing the road at Sitio Pahingahan, Brgy. Maybo, Boac, Marinduque at around 9:43 on March 16, 2023, MARELCO Meter Reader Mr. Arnold M. Peñaroyo encountered two large snakes that appeared to be playing on the road together with a resident.

They immediately took pictures and videos as a reminder for everyone, especially our Member-Consumer-Owners, to be vigilant on the streets we pass by, especially now that the weather is hot and there is a possibility for snakes to come out and seek shade in the streets and roads.

“Kaagad nilang kinunan ng larawan at video upang paalalahanan ang bawat isa, lalung lalo na ang ating mga member-consumer-owners na maging mapagmatyag sa mga lansangan na ating dinaraanan, sapagkat ngayon ay napakainit ng panahon na may posibilidad na sila ay maglabasan at maghanap ng lilim sa lansangan at mga daanan,” Marelco said.

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MARELCO Meter Reader

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