Toni Fowler on Father’s Day: “Sustento muna bago kita batiin”

Toni Fowler Shares Cryptic Post About “Sustento” On Father’s Day

Controversial social media personality and actress Toni Fowler shares a cryptic post about “sustento” on Father’s Day.

Toni creates a stir in the internet community after she posts an odd comment on Facebook about her Happy Father’s Day wishes to someone she does not name. Toni requested that the aforementioned man should first support her before greeting him on Father’s Day.

“Sustento muna bago kita batiin ng Happy Fathers Day,” Toni wrote in her post.

Toni Fowler Father's Day

Meanwhile, many of Toni’s fans assumed that the man Toni was alluding to was her previous lover and Tyronia’s father, Aron Manalo, a.k.a. Tatay Eloy. Tyronia Fowler, his daughter, lately felt distraught after her father, Father Elon, and his wife, Mother Venus, left ToRo.

They talked together, and the couple stated that they wanted to mature independently first before being a burden to Toni. Despite the uproar, Toni and her relationship with Rob Moya were widely embraced.

Toni already praised her lover Vince Flores in a video. This is due to his understanding of her resolve to forgive her ex, Rob. She made certain that nothing bad ever happened to them or Rob Moya again because she adores her lover.  She stated that they will be greatest friends for life and that she wishes Rob happiness.

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