Skusta Clee Shares Digital Art with Daughter Bia on Father’s Day

Skusta Clee Celebrates Father’s Day by Sharing Digital Art of Him With Daughter Bia

Filipino rapper Skusta Clee shares a digital art of him with his daughter Bia on his social media account amidst Father’s Day.

Skusta Clee posted a digital art shot of himself with his two children, Bia and Moon, on Instagram. Aside from his children, he was accompanied by his father.

Skusta Clee Fathers Day

In such a post, there is only a greeting for Father’s Day. Despite the unfavorable feedback, other internet users congratulated Skusta Clee and stated their desire for Skusta to be with his daughter.

Skusta acknowledged that he missed his daughter and wished he could be with her. He was, however, disallowed by his mother and ex-partner Zeinab Harake due to various contentious issues between them.

Skusta, according to Zeinab, is the source of the problems concerning him. Skusta admitted to doing something wrong, so he could understand Zeinab’s decision not to show him their child.

He expressed his delight at Zeinab becoming a mother to their daughter Bia, whom he stated he adored. He also apologized to Zeinab and said that he is not flawless.


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