Grade 12 Student Excels in Art Exhibit After Showcasing his Artworks

Talentadong Quezonian: Grade 12 Student Excels in Art Exhibit

Talentadong Quezonian – A grade 12 student earns praises from the online community after flexing his artworks in an art exhibit.

The remarkable artistic abilities of Grade 12 student Robert Regalario from Alabat Island National High School in Alabat, Quezon have garnered praise from both teachers and netizens.

Robert recently showcased his artworks in an art exhibit held at his school, featuring portraits created using graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, and watercolor. Despite his quiet and kind demeanor in class, his teachers were pleasantly surprised to discover his exceptional talent for drawing.

Grade 12 Student

The art exhibit at Alabat Island National High School provided an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and express themselves through various artistic mediums. Among the notable participants, Robert Regalario stood out with his impressive portraits.

Using different techniques and materials, such as graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, and watercolor, Robert brought his subjects to life with meticulous detail and captivating expressions.

Teacher Jay Morota, one of the educators who witnessed Robert’s artistic journey, expressed surprise and admiration for the student’s talent. Despite his reserved nature, Robert’s artwork revealed a distinct ability that captivated the attention of his teachers.

Grade 12 Student

Teacher Morota shared, “Nagulat po kaming mga guro n’ya na despite sa kanyang pagiging tahimik at mabait sa klase ay may natatangi po pala siyang katangian sa drawing.”

Robert Regalario hails from Barangay Pambilan Norte in the town of Alabat, Quezon. As the child of a farmer, he has proven that creativity knows no boundaries and can flourish even in modest backgrounds.

His passion and dedication to art have enabled him to transcend his circumstances and make a name for himself in the local art scene.

Grade 12 Student Grade 12 Student

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