Angeline Quinto Playing Lato-Lato While Flawlessly Singing Goes Viral

Angeline Quinto Wows Netizens for Hitting High Notes While Playing Lato-Lato

Singer Angeline Quinto wows the online community for flawlessly hitting high notes while playing the trending lato-lato toy.

The singer-actress has just demonstrated that she can reach high notes while playing with a toy, similar to the popular lato-lato. Angeline thrilled viewers with her latest TikTok video, in which she sings her song “At Ang Hirap” while playing with the popular toy.

Angeline Quinto Lato-Lato

The singer may be seen clutching a lato-lato in a video she posted on TikTok. She then began playing it and became fairly proficient at it. The vocalist next sang her song, which contains all of the high notes that a singer needs to demonstrate her range.

She shouted out the song without hesitation until she became distracted at the end. The singer/actress said in the title of the Tiktok video, “At ang hirap naman laruin netong Lato Lato.”

@loveangelinequinto At ang hirap naman laruin netong Lato Lato 😅😂 #latolato #atanghirap #fyp ♬ original sound – Angeline Quinto

Because lato-lato has recently gained popularity among many Filipinos, particularly children and teenagers, some netizens and admirers made fun of her in the comments. Some people wrote:


“Isa kapa ms angeline”

“na ol magaling baka batang sampaloc yan”

“eto lang yung maingay na lato lato na tinatanggap ko”

Angeline has been engaged to Nonrev Daquina, her non-showbiz partner, since September 2022. They also had their first kid earlier that year, in April 2022.

She took to Instagram to express her genuine love for Baby Sylvio. The singer-actress stated that she enjoyed Mother’s Day because of her baby.

Angeline then stated that, while she has lost her Mama Bob, she feels her mother was among those who requested from the Heavens that her be with Baby Sylvio. She then praised all moms around the world, claiming that they would not be alive today if it weren’t for them.

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