NFA Probes “Inedible” Rice Given to Teachers in Nueva Ecija

NFA Launches Probe on Rice Given to Teachers in Nueva That Is Allegedly ‘Inedible”

The National Food Authority (NFA) launches probe against the alleged “inedible” rice distributed to teachers in Nueva Ecija.

The NFA in Region 3 (Central Luzon) denied allegations that poor quality or inedible rice was distributed as part of one-time food assistance to employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Nueva Ecija. The NFA stated in a statement that they conducted an investigation and lab tests to confirm the accuracy of the report.

NFA Inedible Rice Teachers

“In interviews so far conducted, receipt of any negative feedback on the quality of NFA rice distributed was denied. Instead, appreciation of the agency’s program implementation was expressed,” explained the NFA based on the report of Business World.

“As of this date, all rice issued were found to be edible, in good condition, and safe for human consumption. For the record, no formal complaints were filed and reported yet, to any of the offices of NFA Region 3,” it added.

According to the agency, certification from the concerned agency-beneficiaries certifying that all NFA rice stocks received are of good quality and accurate weight. In comparison to the white, long grains, and aromatic commercial rice commonly found in the market, NFA rice is a regular rice made from grinding locally sourced rice.

“The agency appeals for an utmost understanding that some NFA rice might possess a relatively slight smell as much as it might have been stored for some time in the warehouse as buffer stock,” added the NFA.

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