Hash Alawi and GF Alexis Celebrate Anniversary, Here’s Their Sweet Video

Simple and beautiful! Hash Alawi and his girlfriend celebrated their first anniversary this way.

HASH ALAWI – Content creator Hash Alawi shares how he and his girlfriend Alexis celebrated their first anniversary.

Social media influencer Hash Alawi is being followed on YouTube by over two million followers. He is Ivana Alawi’s brother and he found fame in vlogging through his sister’s vlog.

Their followers love how soft and well-spoken he is. He is also admired for being a family-oriented man and through his vlogs, we get to see his life. And one of the many things that happened to him is the coming of Alexis into his life.

He introduced Alexis in one of his vlogs and his followers immediately loved her. Alexis is also loved by his family dearly. She is simple, beautiful, and elegant.

And in the newest video of Hash, he shared how they celebrated their first anniversary. They went to Korea to celebrate it. He got a ring for her and she got him sunglasses that fit his face.

He shared in the video that they just had a simple dinner for their anniversary. But he did not want to end there.

He planned more surprises for her. He took her to a salon to fix her face hair and do her makeup. They also rented a picnic set which was Hashim’s idea that Alexis liked. They sat in a park with their picnic things and food aesthetically pleasing.

His girlfriend loved how relaxing and peaceful it was.

They also went on to eat more food and wrote on a love lock. They got officially together on May 17, 2022, and they went to Korea for their anniversary last June 2.

Check out the video below:


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