College Teacher Goes Viral Over Unique Exam Setup “Final exam on forest health subject”

College Teacher Who Impose Unique Exam Setup Earns Reactions Online

A college teacher goes viral and earns reactions online for his unique exam setup “Final examination on their Forest Health Subject”

A photo shared by college teacher Clarencio on social media has garnered thousands of laughing reactions. The picture showcases the significant distance between the students during an exam.

According to Clarencio, there were 52 students taking the exam for his subject that afternoon.

College Teacher

“Unfortunately, we do not have any available classroom that can accommodate such a number of students following the 1-meter distance rule during examination and if forced, it would have been very warm and the examinees will feel uncomfortable. As a nature lover, I opted to set the venue under the Acacia trees in order to achieve both goals,” Clarencio said.

Clarencio wants his students to learn how to study for their exams and not rely on their seatmates. As much as possible, he wants to avoid any cases of cheating so that students will be well-practiced in a board exam setting.

The professor believes that this setup will help students calm their minds, no matter how challenging the exam may be.

College Teacher College Teacher

“Aside from that, despite how difficult the exam would have been, the calm and fresh vibe will help the students to have peace of mind, and reduce stress,” he explained.

Clarencio’s innovative approach to creating an exam environment has captured the attention of netizens. Many have praised his efforts to prioritize both the students’ well-being and academic integrity.

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