Kindergarten Teacher Gains Popularity for Unique Applause Styles

Kindergarten Teacher Elicits Reactions for Unique Applause Styles

A kindergarten teacher quickly earned popularity online and earned reactions from netizens for her unique applause styles.

Teaching lessons and skills to students in lower grades, particularly in kindergarten, is not an easy task. Aside from the need to establish a strong foundation, teachers must put in extra effort to capture their attention. This is where effective classroom routines and management come into play.

That’s why the teaching methods of Ma’am Maria Carla Meliza M. Villareal, also known as Teacher Carla, age 36 from Malabon City, have brought joy to netizens.

Kindergarten Teacher

She has gained attention for her various styles of applause taught to the students in Malabon Elementary School’s kindergarten.

Her two-minute video showcasing different applause styles went viral on May 30, 2023 garnering widespread attention on her Facebook post.

Let us learn to applaud the success of others. Question: What is their favorite applause?” Teacher Carla wrote in the caption. Although only she is visible in the video, with some students facing away, it is evident that her pupils thoroughly enjoy what she is teaching.

Some of the applause styles include the “Jollibee clap,” “McDo clap,” “Ang galing clap,” “Pak! Bet! clap,” “Fireworks clap,” “Kris Aquino clap,” “Angel clap,” “Love clap,” “Ang galing galing clap,” “Rainbow clap,” “Coke clap,” “Aling Dionesia clap,” “Frog clap,” “Mosquito clap,” and many more.

On May 31, 2023, Teacher Carla released another video, this time with all the students standing.

“Thank you po sa mga naka-appreciate sa unang video namin at sa nag-share ng iba pang klase ng clap, ayan na po nakatayo na po kami. Pagbigyan natin sila,” the teacher stated in the caption of her Facebook post.

Here is the full post:

13 DIFFERENT CLAPS version 2

Thank you po sa mga naka appreciate sa unang video namin at sa nagshare ng iba pang klase ng clap, ayan na po nakatayo na po kami. Pagbigyan natin sila. 

Alam naman po nating sobrang init ng panahon ngayon kaya hanggat kaya po ay less movements kami sa classroom. Ang importante po yung matututunan nila db. 

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Kindergarten Teacher

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