RR Enriquez on New Hosts of Eat Bulaga: “Trabaho lang walang personalan”

RR Enriquez Reacts on the New Hosts of New Eat Bulaga

Actress-model RR Enriquez shares reactions on the new hosts of the longest-running noontime show “Eat Bulaga”.

RR Enriquez resorted to social media to express her feelings about the new presenters of “Eat Bulaga.” The noontime show returned to the air on Monday with new hosts after the veteran hosts announced their departure owing to many issues with the producers.

RR Enriquez Eat Bulaga

The new Eat Bulaga hosts are Paolo Contis, Betong Sumaya, Buboy Villar, Cassy Legaspi, Mavy Legaspi, and Alexa Miro. Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, RR stated that she has nothing against the aforementioned hosts.

 “I have nothing against with the new hosts… Trabaho lang po walang personalan…” the Sawsawera Queen said.

RR, on the other hand, believes that Television and Production Exponents, Inc. (TAPE Inc.) should not have used the title “Eat Bulaga,” and she then goes on to provide other amusing suggestions.

“Pero sana hindi na lang Eat Bulaga ang name kasi we all know naman that Eat bulaga is TVJ….. Sana po nahiya ang company nag isip ng bagong name like BEAT BULAGA or EAT BULALO, CHERET!!!!” she said.

“I’m sorry but I was not raised by a sexbomb dancer to not fight the flow of life.. I will fight for what is right!!!!” RR continued.

Read her full post below:

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