Lolit Solis Receives Flowers from Mark Leviste: “Feeling Kris Aquino ako”

Lolit Solis Reveals She Received Flowers from Mark Leviste

Veteran showbiz columnist Lolit Solis revealed that she has received flowers from the Vice Governor of Batangas Mark Leviste.

Recently, the veteran entertainment columnist revealed on Instagram that she received yellow roses. Lolit uploaded a snapshot of the roses she received from Mark on the photo-sharing app.

Lolit Solis Mark Leviste

Because of what Mark had conveyed, Lolit couldn’t help but feel like she was “Kris Aquino” at the time. According to the seasoned journalist, Kris suggested Mark to send her flowers.

“Ay Salve, feeling Kris Aquino ako na nakatanggap ng yellow flowers from Mark Leviste. Sure ako si Kris ang nag-advice kay Mark na padalhan ako ng flowers. In fairness, touching dahil noon pa naman, pag nakikita mo si Mark Leviste talagang magalang siya, palabati, at approachable,” she began.

Aside from that, Lolit stated that she would be pleased if Mark became Kris’s “forever” partner because Mark seemed to be a hands-on partner. She said that they’ve known each other for a long time and know how to get along.

“Honestly, kung sakali nga at maging forever sila ni Kris matutuwa ako dahil mukhang maalaga si Mark. Matagal na nilang kilala ang isa’t-isa kaya alam na nila paano pakikisamahan ang bawat isa. Talagang nasa level ng buhay na kung makikita nila Kris Aquino at Mark Leviste ang tao na magbibigay ng ligaya sa kanila, settle down na sila. Dasal ko lang na this time pareho ng forever ang makita nilang dalawa. About time na pang matagalan na ang matagpuan nilang relasyon,” she said.

Lolit concluded her message by expressing her wish that Mark and Kris’ friendship will lead to a higher level of partnership. Manay Lolit stressed how wonderful it would be if Kris found the happiness she seeks in Mark.

“At sana nga kung sila ang nababagay para sa isa’t isa ngayon na maganap iyon. Sana nga maging start na ang friendship nila ngayon sa isang deeper level na relasyon. How nice kung sakali na matagpuan na ni Kris ang hinahanap na ligaya sa piling ni Mark. Bongga din diba, Kris Aquino Leviste, ganda rin pakinggan kung sakali, bongga,” she wrote in her post.

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