Suspect Who Left Child in Washing Machine is Fan of Jeffrey Dahmer

Suspect on Death of Child Inside Washing Machine is Allegedly Fan of Serial Killing Series

Authorities revealed that the suspect in the death of the child discovered inside the washing machine is allegedly a fan of serial killing series.

The cause of death for the 4-year-old youngster discovered dead inside the washing machine was “blunt traumatic injuries” to his skull, according to Las Pias City police. According to municipal police commander Col. Jaime Santos, the suspect in the child’s murder is the victim’s own uncle, who is 15 years old.

They are looking into the idea that the suspect committed the crime because he was a fan of Jeffery Dahmer, an American serial killer and s3x offender. According to Santos, the suspect’s father confirmed that his son was Dahmer’s watcher, based on the report.

Child Washing Machine Suspect

He also stated that the entire autopsy report is still pending in order to determine whether the little victim was tortured before being placed inside the washing machine. The suspect has also been charged with murder by the Las Pias Prosecutors Office.

The suspect was transported to the municipal Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) for an intake interview by Hermigildo Sanchez for the determination of discernment, according to the municipal police chief. Santos claims that the victim’s body was discovered after the victim’s cousin, Hermie Modero, went missing.

He stated that when the youngster was missing, he read the suspect’s weird message on his social media account. He stated that another concerned person, who is claimed to be the suspect’s close friend, called them because the crime could no longer be concealed.

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