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Rosmar Tan, Viy Cortez Want to Help Viral Delivery Rider Begging

Rosmar Tan, Viy Cortez Want to Help Viral Delivery Rider Begging

Rosmar Tan, Viy Cortez to Help Delivery Rider Begging on Knees to Traffic Enforcer

Internet personalities Rosmar Tan and Viy Cortez want to find the viral delivery rider spotted begging on his knees to a traffic enforcer.

A concerned netizen recently shared a video of a confrontation between a delivery rider and a traffic enforcer. The enforcer, who is simply doing his job, ignores the rider who begs him to let him through for his offense while recording it on the ticket.

The rider also opted to beg on his knees while pleading with the enforcer to cancel his violation. While on his knees, the motorcyclist continues to beg, but the enforcer is unconcerned and continues to write on the infraction ticket.

Rosmar Tan Delivery Rider

The video quickly went popular on social media, eliciting responses from the online community. The video crushes the hearts of netizens who sympathize with the delivery rider’s position, adding that his hard-earned money will be lost due to a traffic violation.

Meanwhile, the video has reached social media personality and CEO Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin. Rosmar Tan is looking for the delivery rider who knelt down to beg the enforcer in a viral video.

Rosmar added he wants to offer P10,000 to the man in the viral video to help him. In addition to Rosmar’s 10,000, someone messaged him that he would add P5,000 to give to the rider.

Someone will also give him a helmet because he apparently committed a violation because of it. Meanwhile, Viy Cortez, the wife of famous content creator Cong TV, has also asked netizens to provide her with the delivery rider’s information.

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