Catriona Gray Shows Her Master’s Bedroom & Wardrobe

Here’s the second part of the house tour of Catriona Gray – her “Casa De Gray”.

CATRIONA GRAY – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shares a tour of her home’s master’s bedroom and wardrobe.

In a previous article, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared with her viewers a tour of her new place. She was happy to finally have a home that she can call her own. It is an apartment in Pasig, which she lovingly calls Casa De Gray, in her vlog. 

And just like the many home tours we have watched, this video from the beauty queen gave us a sense of what her personalities and preferences are.

She worked with a lot of companies to be able to put up her Casa De Gray the way she wanted it to be.

Her home is made of bold and eye-catching decor, locally-made products and textiles, interesting conversation pieces, and adventurous color palettes. She loves local products and her space is dominant in local weaves and textiles.

She has art pieces everywhere.

And in the second part of the vlog, she went upstairs leading to her bedroom and wardrobe. Just like in the lower part of her house, she has a lot of open shelves with displays that hold significant value and important stories about her life.

But in this part of her house, since the bedroom is meant for resting, she chose to have it painted in muted and pale colors. There’s a lot of pink in this room but green is also standing out. Her favorite color is green and the accents she put in this particular area are green.

She has green marble for her vanity and there are green plants in some corners that give this place a life. Apart from her bed, she has her reading nook. According to her, she loves reading and she intentionally made this area for her hobby. Reading in her bed makes her sleep.

Check out the video below:


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