Catriona Gray Reacts To Miss Universe Allowing Wives, Moms To Compete

Catriona Gray Shares Thoughts on Wives & Moms Joining Miss Universe

CATRIONA GRAY – Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray reacted to the pageant’s statement that they will allow wives and moms to join the competition starting in 2023.

Catriona Gray is a Filipina-Australian beauty queen and singer. She won the Miss Universe crown in 2018.

The 28-year-old celebrity is the fourth Pinay who won the title. She recently shared her thoughts on married women and moms joining the competition.

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According to the official Instagram account of the national director of Miss Universe Dominican Republic, Magali Febles, the MOU will start accepting wives and mothers with children starting the 72nd MU pageant season in 2023.

The prestigious pageant previously only allowed single women who never had children or married. The organization also previously scrapped the height requirement.

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Based on a report from PUSH, Catriona Gray said serving as Miss Universe is akin to serving as a spokeswoman, and a woman’s marital status shouldn’t prevent her from doing so.

“I think it’s really timely to allow women in whatever capacity to go after the dream of being a Miss Universe.”

Catriona acknowledged that it could be difficult to balance the responsibilities of being a Miss Universe while raising children, even if she supports the notion of married women and mothers competing in the contest.

“However, I do see that it would be difficult for a young mother with young children to balance the responsibility, the schedule that comes with being a Miss Universe. I’ve done it for a year and it’s a grueling schedule. It pulls you to different corners of the world and you don’t really have a say where your schedule takes you. So I think in that aspect, it would be quite difficult to balance,” said Cat.

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Catriona Gray is however optimistic that new rules will be put in place to make the contest more welcoming for women who are already mothers.

“Hopefully, with that opening up of those inclusive measures at Miss Universe, they’d hopefully give either guidelines or things to protect the interests of women and allow her to be with her family and also to her responsibilities as a Miss Universe,” she said.

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