Eat Bulaga is Owned by the Legendary Trio TVJ – Tito Sotto

Tito Sotto Claims Eat Bulaga is Owned by the Tito, Vic, and Joey (TVJ) Trio

Former Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto claimed that the longest noontime show Eat Bulaga is owned by the TVJ (Tito, Vic, and Joey).

Tito Sotto believes that if it’s just about copyright, Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto have owned Eat Bulaga for over 44 years. Despite the agreed-upon “status quo” in the production of the noontime show, in which 10% of employees’ salaries will be withdrawn to avoid “movement” or certain adjustments, Tito Sen confessed he was unsatisfied and did not see the need to recreate this.

This follows the resolution of a General Assembly of TAPE Inc. and all Eat Bulaga employees in February, which eventually gave birth to several public issues. Tito Sen told Nelson Canlas that his opponents are “very difficult.”

Eat Bulaga Tito Sotto

The host is also sad for retired Tony Tuviera, former chairman of TAPE Inc., who was supposedly asked to quit by the Jalosjos due to their increased interference in the creation of the program so far. In a prior remark, TAPE Chief of Financing Officer Bullet Jalosjos disputed the host’s commitment.

Because of the technicality of its copyright, TAPE does not own Eat Bulaga. According to the former senator, Joey and the three of them control the copyright.

“Kami ang nag-imbento ng pangalan. That is uncontestable. Copyrighted or not, may mga copyright sila ng merchandising ‘yung TAPE, meron din kaming naka-file, pero immaterial ‘yun,” he said.

“Ask the lawyers. There’s no such thing as ikaw ‘yung nagma-may-ari ngayon pero ito ang nag-imbento at saka ang may-ari sila. ‘Di pupwede ‘yun. If you’re talking about Eat Bulaga, it’s owned by Joey de Leon and Tito, Vic, and Joey,” continued the former Senate President.

“They own TAPE,” the host stated, but the Jalosjos family controls 75% of the firm, while Tony owns 10%. Tito Sen then denied CFO Jalosjos’ prior claim that their family was “involved” in Eat Bulaga from the start. Tito Sen then explained during the interview why their side has been silent since the program’s scandal erupted in March.

“Eat Bulaga, the three of us and Tony, we’ve always tried our best to keep the image of Eat Bulaga as Eat Bulaga. Kaya nga iniiwasan naming ‘yung mga may kontrobersya na tao, politika, ganyan. As a matter of fact, every time, I’m elected into a major position in government I leave,” he said.

“We’ve tried our best to avoid getting Eat Bulaga contaminated with political issues or controversial issues. We were very successful with doing that,” he added.

Following that, TAPE’s purported obligation to the hosts, including Vic, was brought up again, apparently substantiated by “records” that allegedly escaped VAT even though they had not yet received the talent fee in 2022. Finally, the host sees just two options for resolving their evident disagreement.

“Leave it as it is. It’s doing well. Leave it alone That’s one road to take. The other road is, hindi na tayo pwede magsama ‘pag ka ganun,” he said. If Eat Bulaga is ready to break free from TAPE, the host just promised: “Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”

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