Bela Padilla Leading Man Yoo Min-gon Wants To Pursue Acting Career In PH

Bela Padilla introduced Korean actor Yoo Min-gon to Filipino viewers

South Korean actor Yoo Min-gon, the leading man of actress-director Bela Padilla in the movie Yung Libro Sa Napanood Ko, said that he wants to pursue an acting career in the Philippines.

Bela introduced Min-gon to Filipino viewers through their Summer Metro Manila Film Festival entry. The Korean actor uses English as his second language. He learned this during his formative years in Canada where his family lived.

When they went back to South Korea, Min-gon was not able to use English that often and this was the reason why it was challenging for him when he started shooting for the movie, based on the article in Inquirer.

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I hadn’t spoken it in years. But when I started working, my English started coming back. But I don’t think language is a barrier as far as acting is concerned. Acting is like a form of art. It’s about the emotions, and I was able to draw them out during heavy scenes,” the leading man of Bela Padilla said.

Back in Korea, most of Min-gon’s projects were indie films. This is the reason why he did not expect to make it to the mainstream, much more in another country. He is thankful to Bela for giving this kind of opportunity to him.

Min-gon is also all-praises to Bela as the director. “I can ask her if I can do this or that. When Bela approves my suggestion, she tells me to go ahead. If not, she lets me know clearly why she thinks it’s not a good idea,” he shared, adding that the actress-director would explain everything nicely.

bela padilla yoo min gon
📷: The Philippine Star

The South Korean actor signed with Viva Artist Agency just recently. His career in the Philippines will be managed by the same talent management company handling Bela Padilla’s career.

If there are many projects for me, then yes, I think it will be better for me to stay here. But I also want to stay and spend time with my family,” Min-gon said. He also wants to explore more projects and the Philippines and do different roles.

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