Nadine Lustre Video: Viewers Gush About Her Attitude In This Vlog

The new vlog of Nadine Lustre caught lots of attention.

NADINE LUSTRE – Actress-singer Nadine Lustre drops a new vlog and netizens gushed about her light attitude in the new video.

Kapamilya actress-singer Nadine Lustre just added the “vlogger” title to her name. She is officially a vlogger and her channel now has over 220,000 followers. She has already uploaded a handful of videos.

And people are loving her content.

They liked her even more after seeing her life behind the camera.

And just recently, she was able to upload another one and it is a “Get Ready With Me” vlog. She shared how she does her daily makeup look which pretty showed how her bare face transformed.

She did nothing extravagant. She just applied her makeup to highlight her features. People gushed about her beauty but apart from her beauty, the viewers also gushed about how light and entertaining she is to be watched.

They appreciated how honest, truthful, and authentic she is. They also gushed about how light and charming she is in the video.

Watch the GRWM video here:

Here are some comments:

I really how she is so vocal with her life now. You deserve all the peace, love, and gentleness in life right now.

Napaka classy. Nadine nailed it.

god, why is nadine’s presence so calming.

You made it look so easy. You are gorgeous, with or without make up.

I really love the simple make up routine of Nadine

With or without makeup, still pretty

Nadine is indeed an artist who has a lot more to offer than her beautiful face. Apart from being a talented person, she is also vocal about her advocacies like mental health and taking care of the environment.

She pushes for sustainability and encourages people to do their part in taking care of the environment and to do green living.


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