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Nadine Lustre Shares "A Cute Weekend" In Her Life

Nadine Lustre Shares “A Cute Weekend” In Her Life

A new vlog was dropped by Nadine Lustre and this is what happened on one random day in her life.

NADINE LUSTRE – Actress Nadine Lustre drops a new vlog and shares what happened once upon “a cute weekend” in her life.

Last February, Nadine Lustre launched and started her own channel. Finally, after years, she heard her followers’ requests.

Her vlog will give us a peek at her life behind the camera and people are dying to see her life in Siargao.

For her first vlog, she introduced herself again to the people but this time around, she shared stories about her childhood and teenage years she haven’t shared before. And just recently, she dropped her second vlog.

Nadine Lustre

In her second video, she shared what happens in “a cute weekend” from her perspective.

Her weekend, basically, was all about chilling and catching up with friends. She started her video with her and her boyfriend Christopher Bariou on the frame cooking together. It was peaceful, quiet, and just pretty much anything you would want to need at weekend.

After cooking, they watch a movie.

In the same video, she also showed some of the activities she did like arranging flowers, going to the gym, and catching up with her friends.

She was actually with Bretman Rock when they visited a museum and they are close to each other.

Her vlogs, so far, reflect her and her aesthetics. Artsy, peaceful, pleasing, and quiet. The award-winning actress, multifaceted artist, and the ultimate cool girl is indeed now a vlogger!

Check out her second vlog below:


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