Police Jailed After He Badly Beaten Girlfriend in Kidapawan City

Police Caught on Cam Badly Beaten His Girlfriend in Kidapawan City

Abusive police was sent to jail after he was caught on camera badly beaten his girlfriend in Kidapawan City.

A video of a police officer assaulting her putative girlfriend in Kidapawan City has recently gone viral. According to the footage, his police boyfriend dragged, trampled, and kneed the helpless woman.

Her face was almost unidentifiable as can be seen. P/Cpl Louie Jay Garido Lumancas was identified as the aggressive cop shown on video footage. Lumancas was discovered to be stationed at the Magpet MPS office.

Police Beaten Girlfriend Kidapawan

After the incident went viral and was reported by worried neighbors, Lamancas was quickly arrested by his fellow cops. He was charged with physical violence under RA 9262. According to the article, Lumancas’ alleged girlfriend was beaten because he suspected she had another boyfriend, which is learned to be a cop.

In addition to the beating, Lumancas allegedly pointed a revolver at his girlfriend who he was living with, based on the video. Due to her injuries, the girl was taken to the hospital, her face practically unrecognizable. The officer in the video is currently being held in the Kidapawan CPS lock-up cell.

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