Commuter Shares Unpleasant Experience w/ Taxi Driver

Male Commuter Shares Video of His Experience w/ Taxi Driver

TAXI DRIVER – A male commuter has shared video footage of his unpleasant experience with a taxi driver.

In this particular scenario, a commuter hopped onto a taxi from the North Ceres terminal and traveled to the South Ceres terminal. Upon arriving at the south terminal, the commuter handed over a 1,000 peso bill to the driver as payment for the fare.

However, the commuter did not have any smaller bills and the driver was unable to provide change. As a result, the driver informed the commuter that he needed to go to a gasoline station to obtain change for the P1,000.


Unfortunately, it was observed that despite the taxi being stationary, the meter continued to run during the entire duration of the driver’s absence.

Eventually, the driver returned with the change from the gasoline station. Interestingly, the meter remained running during this process, meaning that the commuter was being charged for the time that the bus was stationary and not in motion.


On the return journey back to the south terminal, the meter again continued to run despite the taxi is stationary. The commuter then questioned the driver as to why the meter was still running and why the conductor wasn’t being asked for change.

The driver responded that the commuter was still riding in the vehicle during the process. The passenger let it slip and take it as a lesson.

The disappointed passenger then took to social media to share their experience and query whether such behavior is considered acceptable or justifiable. This post serves as a reminder to individuals who are not well-versed in public transportation to be aware of their rights as a passenger.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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