Family Driver Dad Struggles as Grade 12 Student Demands iPhone

Grade 12 Student Demands iPhone from Family Driver Dad

IPHONE – A Grade 12 student earns reactions from the online community after demanding an iPhone family driver dad.

David King Del Mundo, a Facebook user, shared his encounter with a family driver who struggles after his child demands an iPhone. The post soon spreads online and elicits responses from internet users.

The client, a family driver, and his wife, a housemaid, approached Home Credit to inquire about installment plans. Their child initially wanted an iPhone, but the computation presented by the client showed that he couldn’t afford such an expensive device.

Family Driver Dad

The child is currently a grade 12 student, and the customer looked worried about how he and his wife would manage their income. Home Credit offered a lower-priced unit, but the client hesitated as he feared that his child might not like other devices aside from iPhone.

The Home Credit representative felt sorry for the client and couldn’t help but think that the child was being selfish for not considering his father’s efforts in providing for their family.

The representative observed the client convincing their child for a long time over the phone to opt for the more affordable option. It was apparent that the client was doing everything he could to be a good father and give his child what he wanted, but he simply couldn’t afford it.

The representative advised the client to tell his child to wait and get an iPhone when he starts working. The representative expressed annoyance towards children who don’t appreciate their parents’ efforts in providing for their needs.

They wondered why a grade 12 student would want an expensive iPhone, perhaps just to show off to their classmates, while their parents are working tirelessly. The representative emphasized that it is the parent’s responsibility to provide for their children’s needs but not to support their vanity.

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Family Driver Dad

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