AJ Raval Proudly Shares She Finally Removed Her Implants

AJ Raval Proudly Announced She Removed Her Implants

Vivamax actress AJ Raval took to her social media account and proudly shared that she finally removed her implants.

The controversial actress excitedly posted on Instagram that she has finally removed her breast implants. AJ excitedly published a photo of himself holding the two silicones on her Instagram account today, March 30, 2023.

AJ’s body is also covered in an elastic bandage, indicating that she has just returned from a medical operation. AJ merely used a heart emoji to caption her post, which plainly showed her smile.

AJ Raval Removed Implants

AJ had intended to have her breast implants removed in 2022, however, the surgery did not take place. She stated that at the press conference for her film Crush Kong Curly in December 2021, someone suggested she add boobs in 2020, so she had surgery.

It appears that her excitement got the best of her, and she underwent breast augmentation. She wasn’t thinking at the time, according to her. Despite my happiness, I have a lot of realizations and plans to get rid of it.

“I’m planning po, kasi last year, nagpa-enhance po ako ng boobs. Ayoko pong magsinungaling, natural na po sa akin yun. Pero planning po ako na ipatanggal. Gusto ko pong magkaroon ng freedom sa sarili ko. Before kasi, hindi naman ako nako-conscious sa boobs ko. Pero ever since na ipinalagay po, dun po ako nag-start na ma-conscious,” she previously shared.

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