AJ Raval Proudly Shares She Finally Removed Her Implants

AJ Raval Implants

AJ Raval Proudly Announced She Removed Her Implants Vivamax actress AJ Raval took to her social media account and proudly shared that she finally removed her implants. The controversial actress excitedly posted on Instagram that she has finally removed her breast implants. AJ excitedly published a photo of himself holding the two silicones on her … Read more

AJ Raval Poses With Implants, She Finally Had Them Removed

AJ Raval

In a new post, AJ Raval proudly poses with her implants. AJ RAVAL – In an Instagram post, AJ Raval shows two silicone implants that were removed from her body. Netizens react. Last 2021, movie actress AJ Raval expressed that she wants her implants removed. She revealed that she underwent cosmetic surgery last 2020. She decided … Read more