Viy Cortez Slams Basher of Son Kidlat, Netizens React

Viy Cortez Lambasts Son Kidlat’s Basher

VIY CORTEZ – The vlogger slammed a basher of her 8-month-old son, Kidlat, and netizens also reacted to it.

Nowadays, not only celebrities in the showbiz industry have gained popularity but as well as individuals who made a name on online platforms like YouTube. One of them is vlogger Viy Cortez.

Viy is the fiance of famous vlogger Cong TV who was actually the one who introduced vlogging to her, his siblings, and their circle of friends. Cong helped them put up their own channels and make their own names in the fields. The couple now has a baby son they named Zeus Emmanuel whose nickname is “Kidlat”.

Being among the most popular vloggers on YouTube, a huge part of the lives and love story of Cong and Viy were shared to their viewers. It was in July 2022 when Viy gave birth to their eldest son, Kidlat.

From Payamansion 2.0 where all the Team Payaman members lived under one roof, they are now living in separate houses that are in a compound – the “Congpound”. Cong and Viy have their own son, Kidlat, while Cong’s younger brother, Junnie Boy, and his wife, Vien, already have two (2) children. Cong and Junnie’s younger sister, Patricia, and her husband, Boss Keng, are expectant parents. All of them are vloggers.

Like other celebrities, vloggers also encounters bashing. Recently, Viy Cortez slammed a basher who claimed that Kidlat is already a big boy but he is not walking on his own still because his mother is usually carrying him.

On Facebook, Viy shared a screenshot of her and Team Payaman’s responses to the comment of the basher. According to the vlogger, she will never get tired of sharing things like it.

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