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Cong TV Reveals in Latest Vlog He & Team Payaman No Longer Live Under the Same Roof

Cong TV Reveals in Latest Vlog He & Team Payaman No Longer Live Under the Same Roof

Cong TV, Team Payaman Leaves Payamansion 2.0

CONG TV – The YouTube Star revealed in his latest vlog that he and the other Team Payaman members are no longer living under the same roof.

One of the most popular and successful vloggers in the Philippines is Cong TV whose real name is Lincoln Velasquez. A lot of people were drawn by the humour of the YouTube vlogger but, much more than his natural skills to make people laugh, it is his kind and generous heart that captured the admiration of many people.

Then, Cong was posting funny videos of usual scenarios at home. He then discovered that he can earn from it as well as help other people. He’s instrumental in the success of many people including his family and friends.

Cong TV encouraged a lot of people around him to also join vlogging. His now-fiancee, Viy Cortez, is also a vlogger and one of the successful personalities in the field of vlogging. His siblings, Junnie Boy and Patricia, are also vloggers as well as his in-laws, Vien and Boss Keng.

Cong TV

Cong and his friends named their group “Team Payaman”. They lived under the same roof for several years. They first stayed at their first Payamansion before they transferred to a bigger home with a swimming pool – the Payamansion 2.0.

However, recently, netizens were moved when Cong TV announced ins his latest vlog that he has left Payamansion 2.0. All the Team Payaman members left Payamansion 2.0 and they are now living in different homes.

Many were saddened by while watching the sudden revelation of Cong. It was stressed in the early part of his vlog that their decision to move out and live in different homes is for privacy because some of them already have their own family.

Meanwhile, the watchers were relieved by the ending of the YouTube vlog of Cong. Although they are living in different homes now, they are neighbors.

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