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Nadine Lustre Shares Her Thoughts On "Friends-with-benefits" Setup

Nadine Lustre Shares Her Thoughts On “Friends-with-benefits” Setup

Nadine Lustre was asked to share love advice

Actress Nadine Lustre shared her thoughts on how the “friends-with-benefits” setup could be avoided to be messy.

Friends-with-benefits setup is a relationship between two friends that leads to intimacy like what official couples have but there is no commitment, no strings attached.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Nadine was asked to give pieces of advice on certain love and relationship problems. One of the questions was “Is there really a way you make a friends-with-benefits setup not messy?”

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Nadine’s initial reaction to this question was, “Oh!” Then, she said that based on what she knows about her friends’ experiences, this situation can really be complicated. “It’s really messy,” Nadine Lustre said and burst out laughing.

Being in a “friends-with-benefits” setup, it might be hard for one person not to fall. She pointed out that there is always a possibility that emotions will get involved. The actress also pointed out that jealousy might happen if the other person is already liking someone else.

“Ang hirap kasi you don’t know how to feel. You can’t demand because you’re not in a relationship at sasabihin mo rin sa sarili mo na, ‘Am I allowed to feel these emotions?’” Nadine added.

The actress admitted that it is not easy for her to share her thoughts on this matter because it is really complicated. To answer the question directly, Nadine Lustre said that it could only not be messy if there are no feelings or emotions involved.

The only way for you to not make it messy is to not have feelings for each other. As in dapat no strings attached dapat kayo d’yan. As soon as nararamdaman mong nafa-fall ka na, you have to make sure that this is clear,” she said.

The actress added that if one is already falling for the other, it is time to end this kind of setup.

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