Bea Alonzo and Small Laude’s Fun “Legit Lie Detector Test Challenge”

Here’s a fun vlog of Bea Alonzo and Small Laude.

BEA ALONZO – In a “Legit Lie Detector Test Challenge” of Bea Alonzo to Small Laude, here are the questions she confidently answered.

The “Legit Lie Detector Test Challenge” on the YouTube channel of Bea Alonzo is always something that is fun to watch. And the latest guest she had to accept this challenge is Small Laude.

Small is a socialite and a famous content creator. She is among the most-loved personalities on YouTube.

She has this charming personality but what most people loved about her is her kindness and humility.

Bea Alonzo and Small Laude

And in the new video with Alonzo, she confidently answered all the questions and was found “guilty” in some.

Just like how the format goes to the other guests, they started with light questions about her life like her name and age.

The questions also escalate to be more serious. She was asked about her lifestyle, her marriage, her success, her wealth, her husband and children, and even about her past even before meeting her husband now.

She dated someone from the local show business industry before and she also tried her luck to join showbiz.

Small also shared that she doesn’t look at the price tag when she goes shopping and for Bea, this is her goal. She cannot consider herself rich unless she is able to do this.

According to Bea, she is the second most calm guest she had after Carla Abellana.

Watch the full video below:

Meanwhile, Bea’s channel now has over three million subscribers and she is among the first ones to challenge her guests to do the legit lie detector test. They really have the real equipment to tell if a person is lying or not.


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