Small Laude Ref Raid – What’s Inside The Wealthy Personality’s Ref?

Here’s the ref raid of Small Laude, one of the wealthiest personalities in the country.

SMALL LAUDE – Chad Kinis and Lassy did a ref raid with Small Laude in the latest video and this is what her ref contains.

A socialite, entrepreneur, and vlogger is Small Laude. She is at the center of the interconnected worlds of society, business, and internet fame. Her husband is Philip Laud, the scion of Candyman, the makers behind Kendi Mint, White Rabbit, Orange Kist, and Viva. Meanwhile, Small has come from a family who owns a garments export business, rice milling business, and rice trading business.

Small did vlogging through the encouragement of her friend Karen Davila. With her bubbly personality, she easily earned the love, trust, and interest of many people. It’s also the solution that filled the gaps of boredom in her life. She enjoyed doing it.

And being the wealthy woman with a bubbly personality that we all know, she started collaborating with other vloggers like her. The recent vlogger she collaborated with are comedians Chad Kinis and Lassy. The surprising content they did in her mansion is a ref raid.

As suggested by the title of the challenge, the comedians got permission to raid her refrigerator and discover the food and other things she stores inside it. As expected, her refrigerator is not your ordinary refrigerator. It’s a two-door ref, gray in color and it has a really huge size.

Small Laude Ref Raid

Opening up one side, the two comedians discovered different varieties of spreads (most of which are favorites), butter, several bottles of sodas in various flavors, chocolates, flavored drinks, truffles, and different kinds of cheeses, and many more. There is also a full shelf where fruits are placed.

On the other side of the door, the freezer is where her favorite ice cream, steak meats, silvanas, fruit salad, and frozen goods are put.

All these things inside her ref are properly arranged according to types and colors which makes it very pleasant to the eyes.

Watch the video below:

And here are some comments:

Favorite ko sa ref ni ma’am Small Laude yung truffles

Legit na mayaman, hindi gahaman ❤ Smiling the whole time na nanunuod ako sa kanila

Sya yung sosyal na hindi nakaka-asar, napaka bait. Labyu maam small♥️

I wish we could all come to a point where we can say “Sorry, I don’t look at the price” 😅 Chaching chaching all the way.


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