Kira Balinger Strong Statement Goes Viral Following Third-Party Issue

This is the statement of Kira Balinger that went viral.

KIRA BALINGER – Young actress Kira Balinger has this short but strong statement that caught the attention of many people online.

In a previous article, actress Kira Balinger was accused as the third party in the split of actor Kelvin Miranda and model Roselle Vytiaco. The actor’s ex-girlfriend exposed their private conversations which made people assume that she is the third party.

The way they exchanged conversation compels malicious thoughts in many people.

And just recently, she finally addressed this.

Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger

She denied being the “third wheel” and whatever the former couple should take about, she is out of it. And if there’s somebody that the girl should talk to, she is certain that this person is not her.

She is not a third party like what she has tried to imply in her previous posts.

But she admitted that she’s been too chummy with the actor before and this is where she made a fault.

“But chats lang yun. Those were just chats. Ni minsan hindi kami lumabas together. And in the lock-in (taping), we had our PAs. It was always after the set go to the rooms, sleep, done, honestly,” she explained defending herself.

And a part of the same interview has caught the attention of many people.

With a blank face, she firmly stated:

“I do not steal men. I do not run after them. They come to me.”

Check out below:

In a report from PEP, Kira shared that Kelvin has apologized to her for being dragged into his issues with his ex-girlfriend. She never liked being involved in issues like this and when this happened, she felt it was unfair on her part.


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