Overloaded Lomi in Batangas Goes Viral: “Good for 4 daw, 4 days pala”

Overloaded Lomi in Batangas Earns Praises From Netizens

The overloaded lomi in Batangas goes viral online because of its serving size: “Good for 4 daw, 4 days pala”.

Lomi is a popular noodle soup in the Philippines, particularly in the Southern Tagalog region. It is a hearty and savory dish made with thick egg noodles, meat (usually pork), and vegetables, all cooked in a rich broth that is thickened with cornstarch. It is a comfort food that is perfect for chilly nights or rainy days.

The main ingredient of lomi is the egg noodle, which is thicker and chewier than regular noodles. It is made by mixing flour, egg, and water and kneading it until the dough is smooth. The dough is then rolled out and cut into thick strips, which are boiled until cooked.

Overloaded Lomi

Mell Marvin Cruz, or @mellmrvincruz, a TikTok user, recently shared a video clip of overloaded lomi in Batangas. The video rapidly went viral on the internet, eliciting emotions from viewers.

In the video, the store employee serves two pots of delicious lomi to customers. This Lomi serving size is designed to serve four people, however according to netizens, it appears to serve four families rather than four individuals.

Apart from the large serving size, the noodle dish is loaded with toppings.

Overloaded Lomi

The video has a caption:

“Sakit sa batok ng chicharon vebs”

@mellmrvincruz Sakit sa batok ng chicharon vebs! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪 #fyp #foryourpage #lomi #batangaslomi #chicharon #batangas ♬ 原聲 – ABCandE

Lomi has become a popular dish not just in the Philippines, but also in other countries with a significant Filipino population.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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