James Reid Photo with Issa Pressman in 2014 Resurfaces; Criticized

Netizens Criticized Photo of James Reid Together with Issa Pressman in 2014

A 2014 photo of actor-singer James Reid together with Issa Pressman resurfaced online and earned criticisms from netizens.

Issa Pressman posted a photo of herself with James Reid on Twitter in 2014. It is worth recalling that James and Nadine Lustre released their first film, “Diary ng Panget,” in 2014. The post features Issa’s caption heart eyes emoji.

The old photo resurfaced online amid the two’s contentious situation. With the two embroiled in a scandal over their recent post and declaration, Issa’s tweet did not go unnoticed by netizens. This post received several comments.

James Issa 2014 Photo

Here are some of their comments:

“dapat pala caption yung name, tapos with (heart-eyed emoji) tsaka heehee para pala makuha e,” a netizen said.

“dati pa palang target hinintay lang perfect timing para maagaw what a legendary abangers,” another netizen said.

“Totoo talaga yang manifest manifest na yan mga behhh,” one of Twitter users commented.

“Manifesting pala si (snake emoji),” a netizen said.

James Reid recently made headlines after confirming his relationship with Issa Pressman. His fans were captivated to a social media photo on his account that showed them holding hands and attending a performance together.

James and Issa just attended Harry Styles’ concert together. Issa uploaded a photo of them together that appeared to show them touching hands for the first time. James also uploaded photos and videos of himself with Issa. Even without a confession, their post drew attention.

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