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Widow of Governor Roel Degamo Speaks on Husband's Death, Fight for Justice

Widow of Governor Roel Degamo Speaks on Husband’s Death, Fight for Justice

Widow of Governor Roel Degamo Visits Husband’s Grave

WIDOW OF GOVERNOR ROEL DEGAMO – Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo spoke on the death of her husband and the fight for justice.

Last March 4, Negros Oriental lost their Governor to an attack. Men wearing pixelated uniforms barged in the gate of the compound of Gov. Roel Degamo in Pamplona. The attack led to his death as well as the untimely passing of his ally and several civilians.

Gov. Degamo was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive the incident. The widow of Governor Roel Degamo, Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo, was the one who confirmed his death a few minutes since he was declared dead and she called to the national government for her husband’s death.

Governor Roel Degamo

A few hours since the attack at the compound of the Governor in Pamplona, three (3) suspects were arrested by the authorities in the mountaneous part of the province. One of them namedropped Congressman Arnie Teves as the alleged mastermind behind the death of the Governor.

The Teves family and the Degamo are political rivals. The late Governor unseated the Congressman’s younger brother, Pryde Henry Teves, when the Commission on Elections (Comelec) declared him as the rightful winner of the recent election for governor in the province.

Gov. Roel Degamo was laid to his final resting place at their family’s mausoleum. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the widow of Governor Roel Degamo visited her husband’s wake and gave in to an interview about his death and the fight for justice.

According to Mayor Janice Degamo, she talked to her husband to guide her in her fight for justice. She stressed that her husband’s death as an “eye opener” to a lot of people on the status of the peace and order in the province. She also expressed that the case should really be focused on so her husband’s death will not be wasted.

“There has to be investigations done. I will see to it na makahingi tayo ng tulong sa Senado, Senate inquiry that has been something na, ang tagal nang na request, sana mapagbigyan,” Mayor Janice said based on the report.

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