Vice Ganda on Bashers of His New “Baby”: “Hayaan n’yo kaming maging masaya”

Vice Ganda Reacts to the Bashers Criticizing His New “Baby” with Ion Perez

The “Unkabogable” comedian Vice Ganda reacts to the bashers who keep criticizing his new “baby” with partner Ion Perez.

In an episode of Kapamilya’s noontime show “It’s Showtime,” his co-host Vhong Navarro mentioned their new kid during an Isip Bata segment. When they inquired what the name of the two’s new pet would be, they stated they hadn’t decided yet and would call it baby.

That’s why Vhong and Kim Chiu insisted on only naming it “48,” which is why they were joking. After the question of what you miss when someone is gone, the hosts mocked each other.

Ion is one of the alternatives and he answered “amoy n’ya”. When asked what smelled, he said, “amoy 48,” while glancing at Vice. Jhong and Vhong promptly responded to Ion’s teasing remarks. Vice replied quickly to what Ion said and defended himself because he was just 47 years old.

“Bakit ang hilig n’yong magdesisyon para sa kapwa? Alam mo nababasa ko ‘yung mga comments, bakit kayo nagdedesisyon sa buhay namin?”Vice Ganda started.

Vice Ganda Baby Bashers

Several people are claimed to be wondering why they have bought an expensive dog. Ion Perez, the TV host-comedian, recently shared in his latest vlog their purchase of a pomeranian dog as their baby.

Vice claims that he and Ion have long discussed getting a puppy to make their lives more enjoyable and that they have finally done it. According to Vice’s vlog, their new baby costs P380,000.

“Bakit raw bumili kami ng gano’n kamahal. Bakit raw hindi na lang nag-adopt. Hindi ba pwedeng hayaan n’yo kaming maging masaya? Hindi pwedeng choice namin, ‘di ba? Alam kong may mga dahilan kayo pero may mga kanya-kanya naman tayong choices. Hindi pwedeng kami ang mag-decide?” he added.

“Pwedeng kaming mag-decide? It’s our life, di ba? It’s our life, it’s our joy. Can you just be happy for our joy and for our lives?” said Vice.

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