Ex-Councilor in Marawi City Uses Town Ambulance in Shooting

Ex-Councilor Uses Town Ambulance in Shooting in Marawi City

An ex-councilor linked to the shooting in Marawi City used the town ambulance to commit the crime.

According to the report of GMA News, the incident was captured on Surveillance tape, which showed an ambulance stopping on the side of the road before the driver shot a guy standing nearby. The gunman left with the vehicle soon after performing the act.

The ambulance was registered to the town of Ganassi, according to an examination by authorities. Ansary Marohombsar, a former municipal councilor, is the suspect in the shooting and has been wanted for a long time.

Marawi Ex-Councilor Ambulance Shooting

According to Marawi city police head Lieutenant Colonel Gieson Baniaga, the suspect is the team leader of the MDRRMO (Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office) of the Gannasi municipality, hence he has access to the ambulance. The victim was identified as Joseph Alindo Saragena, based on the report.

However, the inquiry proved that he was not the gunman’s intended target, but rather the guy by his side. According to Baniaga, there was an early report that the incident that occurred yesterday was similar to a personal grudge.

‘Yun nga kanina sinabi ko na may involving love triangle,” he added.

According to Lanao del Sur Provincial Police Office spokeswoman Police Major Alvison Mustapha, the suspect may have employed an ambulance because he knew the vehicle couldn’t be stopped instantly and couldn’t be blocked at the checkpoint.

“Ang ambulansya alam naman natin na hindi pwedeng i-[flag] down eh, hindi pwedeng iharang sa checkpoint… inanticipate niya na magagawa niya sa pagtakas ito ginamit niya,” aniya.

The ambulance was taken into police custody before being released back to the municipality. Following the gunshot, the suspect exited the government vehicle.

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