2 Police Officers Caught on CCTV Hiding Seized Illegal Drugs

2 Police officers in hot water after caught hiding seized illegal drugs after operation

Two (2) police officers were put in hot water after being caught allegedly hiding illegal drugs after an anti-drug operation.

Senators Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and Raffy Tulfo scolded the two police officers for reportedly offering informants 30% of confiscated drugs during a Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs hearing. The senators compelled the obstinate cops to cite contempt.

Police Senior Master Sergeants Jerrywin Reborosa and Lorenzo Catarata were identified as the officers. Senator Bato, the committee’s chairman, would direct the Senate to charge and arrest Reborosa and Catarata after they denied being the ones seen on CCTV loading and returning 42 kilos of illegal drugs from an anti-drug operation in Tondo, Manila, in October 2022.

Police Hiding Illegal Drugs

The 42 kilos of illegal drugs that the two cops reportedly secreted were from more than 990 kilos of illegal substances called “shabu”. When Police Master Sgt. Rodolfo Mayo Jr. was arrested in drug trade, the illegal material was collected, based on the report of Philstar.

At the hearing, PNP Director for Investigation and Detective Management Police Major General Eliseo Cruz revealed that they had received CCTV evidence of three police officers loading a car with suspected drugs found in Mayo. It was validated by forensic experts, according to Cruz.

According to PNP Drug Enforcement Group Head Intelligence and Foreign National Division Col. Rolando Portera, he is negotiating with Reborosa to return the drugs taken by the police to the headquarters.

This is where dela Rosa and Tulfo were enraged since they constantly denied taking the confiscated drugs, despite the fact that they were seen on CCTV, and Reborosa was even talked to about returning the contraband. 42 kilos of narcotics were confiscated from a car on the outskirts of Camp Crame.

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