Female Student Harassed by 4 Classmates During “Inuman” in Antipolo

Female Student Files Cases vs 4 Classmates After Being Harassed in Antipolo City

A female student in Antipolo City filed cases against her four male classmates after being harassed during “inuman” session.

A female student filed complaints against four guys he joined in a drinking session, according to an Antipolo City police report. This follows allegations that the four guys s3xually harassed the student during their drinking session.

The victim was gang r4ped at Flores Farm, Sitio Cabading, Antipolo City, according to Antipolo City police. According to police, the victim was invited to his birthday party by her classmate Roland Jay Danao.

Antipolo Student Harassed Classmates

Danao also invited his three other classmates, John Anrie Flores and buddies Red Maggarro and AJ Bautista, in addition to her. The gang allegedly drank until the victim became inebriated and fell asleep, according to the complaint.

It is claimed that the victim awoke sitting on a chair and that Danao and Maggarro damaged her clothes and panties while touching her. Flores, the culprit, allegedly carried the victim inside the room after a while.

The victim was thoroughly exploited in the room, and the suspect committed lewd behaviors against her. After Flores, three other offenders accosted the victim one after the other, based on the report of PoliceFilesTonite.

After the victim returned home, she called her teacher and confessed to the incident. They filed a complaint with the police, along with the victim’s mother, and were immediately apprehended by Danao and Flores. The suspects Bautista and Maggarro are still being sought by authorities.

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